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Sticker Shok has been in the screen printing business for more than seventeen years. We are a leading manufacturer of cutting edge, outrageously funny, bumper stickers, Rebel, Redneck stickers, funny sayings, political bumper stickers, and helmet stickers. Our company specializes in custom decals, bumper stickers, roll labels, yard signs, metallic car signs, static cling stickers and mouse pads for political campaigns, business and schools. Screen printed stickers provide low cost advertising for your web site, club, organization, sports team, club or candidate. Perhaps you just want to vent some steam.

Our budget priced bumper stickers make marketing your company very affordable.

Sticker Shok uses the ultraviolet screen printing process. It costs more to print stickers this way however our prices are competitive with other vendors. Sticker Shok's products look great and sell terrific. Our stickers outsell the competition. Ask about low cost dealer pricing. Static displays and spinning carousels are available. Dealers, ask for a bumper sticker catalog. Why not place an order now?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Orders shipped same day. Full exchange privilege. Order early in the week to get your merchandise by the weekend.

Abe and Beverly Glaser

912-225-0611 Fax

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Beverly Glaser

Phone 912-292-4448

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